E*Dray Execution

1. Dedicated Flow

For Port Productivity

E*DRAY enables and coordinates freight for:

A. Block Stow: Containers grouped on the vessel.

B. Flow Stack: Containers grouped at the terminal.

C. Dedicated Gate: For rapid entry, pickup, and exit.

D. Taxi-Like Dispatch: Dray providers pick up their next container from the stack and are on their way.

2. Terminal coordination

For Import Stacks

E*DRAY dynamically coordinates the following:

Individual Stacks: A single importer or drayage company with volume over the terminal’s threshold.

Collaborative Stacks: Companies choose to partner with specific importers, drayage companies, associations, or ocean carriers to aggregate volume and meet the terminal’s threshold.

General Stacks: Companies choose to partner with anyone to aggregate volume and meet the terminal’s threshold.

3. Export Street Turn

For Cost & Emissions Reduction

E*DRAY coordinates and executes container interchange for:

A. Evacuation: From importers finished with containers to exporters who need them.

B. Triangulation: From importers who’ve loaded containers to exporters who’ll ship them.

4. Off-Dock container Yard

For Pre-positioning

E*DRAY’s off dock yard enables:

A. Peak Season Relief: Ability to shuttle containers from the port during its hours of operation then delivery after hours.

B. Temporary Storage: When the delivery is scheduled for later or the delivery location is temporarily unavailable.

C. Extended Reach:Pre-pull for delivery locations 100+ miles away.

D. Empty CY: Pre-pull for delivery locations with longer length of haul.


Network Visibility

E*DRAY’s technology provides real-time visibility across the entire network for supply chain planning and coordination.